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Stanki promyshlennye. Kompetencii. Postavki, OOO
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LLC Stanky. Technique and technology of linear and angular measurements ”engineering and machine-trading company. We offer engineering solutions and metal-working machines, strive for the principle: "The customer only pays."

In projects, according to the customer's technical assignment, we offer a wide range of various machine tools based on constant monitoring of the machine tool market, related services, and an infrastructure database.

In practice, we offer machines and technologies for newly created industries, ranging from very simple cutting, sharpening, universal screw-cutting lathe, and high-performance finishing, and where the "machine time" parameter is present in the technical part of the customers' business plans.
The Customer's profit in metalworking, as you know, is formed on the cutting edge of the tool, therefore, in our projects offered to the Customer, we proceed from the principle: "from the plate", since the world's machine tool industry currently has any machine tool in its arsenal, and machine time essentially limits the physical and mechanical properties of the plate. Solving the tasks of the Customers, we create new products that we use in our subsequent practice as special offers.


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